Hey guys, I recorded this a while back but wanted to get your feedback on it. It's my most popular video on you tube.

This piece is awesome - a great work out. Enchanting melody.

Practicing this with a metronome really got my right hand into shape.

Thanks in advance for the comments!

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Not bad at all. I also play this piece for classical, and it's a bitch. Especially the 3rd movement. Overall I was impressed as you made little mistakes, kept a steady tempo, and could do all of that with a pick as there's sections with multiple voices and all. Plus a lot of string skipping.

I'd work on the phrasing, though. Maybe do crescendos as the bass notes ascend, and things like that. There's a beautiful climax in this piece where dynamics can really bring it out even more. It all felt mezzo-forte. And I'd recommend in a couple of spots easing up on the perfect tempo. Like the end with the huge B minor scale. Get faster and faster as the notes get higher to build up to that final high B octave. Ritardando is commonly used there.

This piece has been revised by a lot of people, but a really good version that I use, and I've heard recommended a lot is by Richard Stover (sometimes Rico Stover). His version imo takes all the best things I've heard from other versions. Like the climax that's about 2/3 through the piece (the progression is Bm, E, A, D, I think), he includes bass notes that a lot of guitarist don't play, but I think it's in the old Barrios recordings.