Ibanez Rg 7621 Black

Upgraded bridge saddles, bareknuckle nailbomb pickups, straplocks.

Electronics are a bit shotty currently. I'll probably fix them up in next few days but I can't make promises I'm very busy as a college student.

Basically Honestly as much as I love this guitar It doesn't suit me as much anymore. The vibes i used to love about it now don't really suit me. Don't get me wrong this guitar songs pretty monster after the upgrade. Still deserves an upgrade to a bone nut (didn't get around to it once I got to school)

Guitar is players condition. I'll try to borrow a camera to get better pics but I probably wont have time. I'm a very busy college student.

Interests: Rane DC24 plus cash. Fea labs dual band comp-limiter plus cash
5-string basses (I'd be willing to send cash your way of course depending on bass)
non-bass wood guitars 6 or 7 string (Again willing to send cash your way)

I don't really want to sell this guitar straight up. Because of that I'm going to set the cash price fairly high at $700.00

I'm in Ithaca, NY. I'll be moving to philadelphia area and possibly to cincinnati area for parts of the summer. No international offers will be taken.

References. Pm me and I'll be happy to supply including to mods not interested in a trade. I'll have to use my dads paypal as that is what I've used to this point for all my transactions. I'm also chilling on a fresh 100 percent feedback score here.

I'll have pictures up in a couple days apparently my old picture hosting site deleted my account for inactivity.