So i'm planning to get a bow to bow my eletric guitar, and i have some questions.

Cello or violin bow?
What precautions should i have?

Also... hitting all strings is not a issue... i wold use bow for chords so anyway.
cello bow would be better, because it's designed to handle heavier strings, so that would be better, other than that, i have no other advice.
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All I can say is buy a cheap one, and don't tell any classical musicians you're doing it...

The roundwound strings will shred through the horsehair like nothing else, so take care to be as gentle as you can afford to be. If you can get one for cheap, I prefer octagonal bows, personally.

Is it the mojo you're after, or the sound? If it's just the sound, there's something called an eBow that works on generating a small magnetic field (or something...) that might be of more use to you (plus you'll never have to get it re-haired...)
Erm, if your getting this from Jimmy Page, I think you better forget it, lol.
The strings will shred the bow string easily in a few days, trust me, and these things aren't cheap at all. You'd have to be constantly buying new bows/strings if you'd be playing it frequently. Unless your very wealthy or your just using it for concerts (still you'll torture it in a concert, so you'd have to buy a bow per concert, which will kinda cut your wallet).
Getting this from sigur ros.

Ebow sure sounds promising, but of course it is not as cool pahaha xD...

Its more expensive than a normal bow aswell, and i think i can get a bow for like 30 euros used, or even for free from a friend of my grandmother, but knowing it might shred the bow string sure is trouble some x.x

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbudP0j_3yo&feature=fvwrel also, is the ebow able to do this...?

And to that guy who said it sounds like shit, i've tried it myself and sounded cool, it wold sound much better with delay and/or reverb.

Why cant i tell to any classical musicians? xDD are they gonna kill me lol ;b
Ebow is way better, they are a bit pricey for what they are IMO though. Just rest your guitar body on your amp for a sustainer.
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That link sounds sick. I wanna try And no, the Ebow CANNOT do that. An actual bow and an Ebow are two completely different animals. I have an Ebow, and (attempt) to play cello, and its different movements for both. With that link, you would not be able to get a chord with an Ebow. Its purely for single notes.
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Cello bow. No real precautions, just remember to rub resin on the bow before playing. (:

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Many years ago, I used to use a cotton bud stick thing to do the same thing. It sounded a bit screechy, but at least it was easy to use.
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My girlfriend plays double bass, I wanted to borrow her bow to try play 'Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar' by Paul Gilbert, but she said the rosin will ruin my strings ? Make sure you get a new bow.
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The bow would last a little longer if you would use flat wound strings.
I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.
I didnt want it to sound like a violin, i want it to sound spacey , like sigur ros stuff

"With that link, you would not be able to get a chord with an Ebow. Its purely for single notes."

Wich is bad x.x
I don't see why an ebow wouldn't make chords. It's just moving the strings, but with magnetism instead of something physical.
Quote by RebuildIt
I don't see why an ebow wouldn't make chords. It's just moving the strings, but with magnetism instead of something physical.

It can't cover more then 2 or 3 strings at once, which is sometimes kinda needed, but yeah, if he's looking just for something with a "Space" kinda vibe sound, a Ebow should be fine, though still a bit limited on the range of sounds if you ask me. That being said though, in my mind, it's the only option available since being a bow/string every week or so isn't exactly too practical.