can someone help me with settings on the micro cube to play enter sandman, master of puppets, one, and etc.? all Metallica
I think you'd be better off in Gear & Accessories. The Pit is the general forum, it's not really a guitar forum.
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Try the R-fier ampy doo-dad and mess around with the gain until it's got the right amount of crunch. It depends on what guitar you're playing with too.
yeah, this is the right forum
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All those songs can be played on any amp setting, or even without an amp.

What you need is a guitar, and to know how to play the songs.

"What you need is a new amp." Doesn't apply here.
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Put it on a recto setting for amp model, then just do this

gain - high
bass - 9
mids - 4
highs - 9

Congrats. You've got Metallica's tone.
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I have the micro cube and R-Fier is the only metal setting on that amp. It's pretty simple
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scoop your mids, blast those highs and lows, and turn the gain up to Gears and Accessories forum.