Thinking about buying a new guitar and I saw this one at GuitarCenter and loved it immediately. I really like that old school sound that comes from the p90s as I like the police Elvis Costello etc. I was just wondering if you guys had found any issues with it or if you have other suggestions for around $300?
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I thought about picking one of these up a while ago. I honestly wasn't that impressed with it in the store. But it had a terrible setup and the knobs were all falling off. I did like the P-90s a lot though. If the one you played is in good condition and you liked it, I'm sure you'd be happy with it.

Other ideas around $300... you could try to find a used Epi Les Paul standard or custom. I see them all the time on craigslist for around $300-$400. That would be a much nicer guitar than the LP Special SC. You'd have to add your own P-90s though, if that's really what you're after. But GFS pickups at guitarfetish.com are really cheap ($30-$35 each), and they have a few P-90 pickups that are a direct fit for a standard humbucker housing (I recommend the GFS "Mean 90's").

Not that long ago I picked up a used Gretsch Pro Jet for $300 and installed a set of P-90s I had laying around. It's one of the best sounding guitars I have. It has a mahogany body with a similar shape to a Les Paul. But the body is chambered, so it has a really nice resonating tone. It sounds punchy and gritty with those P-90s.
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