Hey guys just want your input and maybe some recommendations of guitars because i don't live near a big city and if i had to go there it would be to buy the guitar. so alot of my research i do ahead of time and ug always helps but this is the first time i am searching for an acoustic. Anyways budgets like 1000-1500.

I would like all solid woods but it doesnt have to be
Gold Hardware

Besides that i'm pretty open to suggestions... Oh and it has to be available through Guitar Center or Ebay and i do not mind buying used as long as its in good condition.
a Larrivee

i dont have one but you can just tell theyre amazing

also a martin or taylor, or anything in that price range will be amazing, guild, gibson, whatever, just find something that speaks to you and buy it

i have a taylor and its amazing
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Love my Taylor to death. I started off playing electric and since I ponied up the dough for a nice acoustic it has been my main guitar ever since.
I was looking at larivee but i don't find any in my price range on there website also what taylor to you recommend?
the 4 series of your size preference would be in your price range

I have the gc4 and after i finish typing this im going to pick her up again and play more, since i got her i havent gone more than 4 hours not counting sleep without playing her.

There are definately larrivee's in your price range, they start at 1000ish

only thing is i think all these guitars have chrome tuners but you can always replace them, my gc4 has gold gotoh delta 510's
Martin. I have the DCX1E, mid range, around 800$. The greatest investment I have ever made was buying a Martin. Gotta keep it humidified. Guitar Center.
no one charges the prices on the larrivee website.

you don't mention if you prefer a brighter tone or a guitar with more bass, rosewood b&s or mahogany, etc. here's a few suggestions, though... don't know about gold hardware as i'm generally mostly concerned with tone and quality.

guild makes a couple cutaway acoustic electric dreads in their GAD series that sound great, and the GADs are really nicely finished and put together. you won't find guild at guitar center, but you can find them at some very reputable ebay sellers. i'd rather buy from a place like musiciansfriend, but here's a couple on ebay:


or with sunburst


and blueridge makes some great sounding guitars with a rich sound


and i believe they also make a br-140 ce, which would be the mahogany b& s version.
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Really nice round sound. Mine sounded better after I changed strings though.