So my band decided that it would be cool to have a "commercial" playing at our merch table on one of our laptops during shows. It would almost be like a powerpoint on infinite loop (until the show is done). It would have different slides about our upcoming shows, advertise any merch thats for sale, advertise any merch that will be for sale soon, play our music video, etc.

My question is how should i go about doing this. Should i just make it on Powerpoint or would a Java program or something be better suited for it?

If something other than powerpoint, any programs you would suggest that would be easy to learn?
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Sounds to me like you want a series of slides, so yes go with Powerpoint.

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Power point
You can put videos, pics, and really anything into slides
There is a loop feature on it I'm sure
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If you're patient, you can make some very good powerpoints with the most recent powerpoint.
And it can be set on infinite loop.
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