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Is there a guitar that everyone else seems to like, but you just can't make yourself like it? Or is there one that everyone else hates, but you actually like? For me, it's a Les Paul. Most people love them, but I just can't get used to them. Too heavy, and I don't like the necks. What are your thoughts?
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Most Gibsons (excluding thier acoustics), BC RICH, Dean.
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SG's ... They're just yakky poopoo guitars!
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strats...just dont resonate with them..although rg's are fie, tele's are fine..I just cant connect with a fender strat...
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Deans, B.C Riches, wangcasters.
They're all horrible looking.
edit: I'm not a big fan of Ibenez guitars either.
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Deans and Ibanez's. The only Ibby i've liked is the JEM series. Only Dean i've liked is the cadillac.

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Dean's are all about the looks, cant stand em', its hard to find a decent sounding one,

Not a big fan of Strats either, not enough depth in the sound for me, just my opinion though
Dean guitars, just because of the headstock.
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Gibson Flying V, like the other guy said, the rounded corners makes it look silly. B.C. Rich (except their Mockingbird, ASM/Assassin and Eagle models), Dean.

Think that's it.
I'm usually open to pretty much anything. Each guitar is just something new to adapt to, as long as it's in tune and setup atleast half-way decent.
What's with all the Dean hate? They aren't that bad. What's really bad is Epiphone, Laguna, Aria, most Fenders, and Hamer.
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What's with all the Dean hate? They aren't that bad. What's really bad is Epiphone, Laguna, Aria, most Fenders, and Hamer.

>They aren't that bad.

Yes, they are. Dean don't come close to competing with Fender or Hamer (or epi for that matter).
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Honestly, I can't stand Stratshapes or guitars with thin necks. I find them REALLY uncomfortable.
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les pauls.

i love the iconic rock image, but i've owned a couple and hate the weight and the thick chunky necks.
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Don't like the look of les pauls. Don't like any V guitars. And don't like ibanez, for some reason
Strats, LPs, Teles, Explorers, SGs.

I've had USA strats, LP deluxe, and Teles and used an SG quite a bit. I still have a Tele, can't say I love it but I like the tone for some things.

Why...strats, meh, the trem is pretty crap IMO, I had a strat plus with the locking tuners and lace pups, it would never stay in tune well and I prefer split coil humbucker to singles personally.

LP, just way too heavy. I like to have a trem as well.

Teles, well it was designed in the 50s or so and it shows. No ergonomics, I hate the switch and vol/tone placement, simple bridge and recessed input, noisy pups.

All of the above are 22 fret, I like 24.

So I say super strat with FR type trem, contoured body, ergonomic hardware, 24 frets, split coil HSH not too heavy FTW!!
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flying V's and teles teles are ok but pale in comapison to the strat and fenders other stuff IMO
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I don't like my BC Rich Eagle Copy. It has a Floyd - So hard to set up, So sensitive to tuning, Its hard to palm mute on, I can't even intonate it (Though I might be able to after I replace two parts) AND Two of the pickups are directly mounted to the body - Worthless! I NEED that sweet pickup height spot for sweet tone. Since I was never deep into metal I never bent strings much and this guitar just hangs up, unplayed.

On the other hand, I like my Mosrite Ventures II and I haven't even fully restored it yet. (It doesn't even have pickups in it right now) It could be the easiest playing guitar I own, Though not for string bending. The neck seems pretty comfortable, The body is more comfortable than a Jaguar, The Trem is like a Bigsby but easier to work with and its the lightest guitar I have. My Strat is heavy compared to it.
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Anything with a stupidly thin neck. Eg. Ibanez.

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Never much liked the look of tele's altho i am slightly attracted to those alpine white ones
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I hate anything with really thin necks, heavy metal shapped guitars, I don't mind Gibson V's and Explorers. I hate fender strats, but I love certain copies that I have played. Just hate how they feel, something isn't right. I also can't stand Epiphone Les Pauls. Something looks terrible about them to me.
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Anything with baseball bats for necks (Les pauls, love the weight and shape and sound, but they are just unplayable), Strats, Anything with a floyd. Bc Rich. Wangcaster....
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i know i am morally sinning here, at least with the rest of you all's general consensus, but...

just cant get along with any ESP/LTD, Schecter, or a rhodes shapped V, and anything pointy

i was playing a ESP horizon II today and tried to like it but i couldn't, the it just doesn't fit me, and the odd thing is that i am used to LP's my main guitars are Gibson Les Pauls. the ESP horizon just felt cheap, didn't feel like it had a lot of time put into the 'fit' of the guitar, the action was fine because that store sets up all of their $1k+ guitars, and their tech is pretty good. i just didn't feel put together right in my hands. i have owned 5 or 6 LTD's in the last year or two, and haven't kept a single one in my aresonal.

schecters just feel cheap to me. and thats reason enough. they play nicely, but they just feel like plastic. i acknowledge they have nice components, but they just feel cheap. and also that the paint feels so thick, it feels like they are mudding these things with drywall mud before they throw the poly on.

and i just hate rhodes V's to play, and thats even odd because 90% of my playing i am standing up.

and i just don't like anything pointy.
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B.C Riches

You guys don't like Strats and LPs?
never played 1 but never liked bc rich,the shape annoys me,ease up on dean guys,my razorback explosion is pretty damn sweet.
Epiphones are only bad if you get the bottom range stuff, the higher range such as the ULTRA (or at least the ultras from Korea) are really good, imo better than a Gibson studio.
Brands that i dont like Ibanez, the necks are ridiculously thin and the tone aint that good.
BC Rich's and dean razorbacks. Other dean guitars are nice however.
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I never really cared for Strats. The curvy-ness and colors make them look like something from the 50's.
Basically anything more pointy than an Ibanez RG just looks weird to me.
My guitar playing friends all seem to love them though.
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In terms of electric guitars, I just don't see the point in any guitars apart from Fenders, Gibsons and Gretches. I'll make an exception for G&L seeing as Leo Fender started that company, and also Parker, because they seem to do a few new designs. Really anything else is just a variation on an old (Gibson or Fender) pattern. What happened to innovation. The Tele, the Strat, the Les Paul, the V, they were all massive innovations, copying them and putting EMGs in them isn't innovative, it's lazy design work.
And it's not like the good quality copies are cheaper these days either.
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Gibsons just feel clunky to me.
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