I haven't ever like the doors too much, but as a matter of fact this was quite nice version
thx dude, I know I'm not a singer but I try to learn but it's difficult because english isn't my mother language so I didn't learn to remember all those words so I had to read it from the paper while I tried to play ja keep my eyecontrol with the audience. But I promise, I will learn remember those words and then I can focus on singing right.

Thanks for your comments on my "Kiss From A Rose" arrangement.

I'm not a big fan of the doors but it was quite a good version of the song and an enjoyable video to watch. Even though english isn't your mother language I applaud you for at least attempting to sing it in english because there is no way i'd be able to sing a song in a different language!

I've also seen your version of Katy Perry "I kissed a girl"... Enjoyed that too