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Eat before you go.
Bring Gatorade and drink it between pubs. Lots of it. Also, pop an Advil before you pass out.
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If you feel a need to vomit, DO IT. Then you can keep drinking.
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Have a drink at each of the pubs; I don't think it's a very complicated concept.

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Bottle of water, puke if you need to, drink the water to freshen your mouth, eat before hand so you don't get wasted after 3 pints.
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Drink a lot of beer

Also, a tip I've picked up from drinking, if you don't eat OR drink before you go then a) you'll get drunk quicker and cheaper and b) you won't be pissing constantly

however, c) you feel ten times worse the next day

And yes I am only seventeen
don't drink pints all night, have some spirits and mixers too. And for the spirits don't mix light and dark.
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But puking is unpleasant. Why would you do that?

Not really, your brain releases chemicals to make it less unpleasant. So imagine how unpleasant it could really be?

Now, tell me, how unpleasant is it really?

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maybe it's because of your description, or the fact that it's 1:30am here, or both, i can't stop giggling.

Sometimes girls say that too...
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But puking is unpleasant. Why would you do that?

To drink more, to save face. By entering into the pub crawl, you are stating that you can handle your drink. If it turns out you are mistaken, it much better to have a quick chuck in the toilets (ideally unnoticed) than to make a fool of yourself and collapse in a puddle of your own sick, etc. etc.
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But then you might puke! And that;s unpleasant.

You have entirely the wrong attitude for a pub crawl. The tactical chunder is an essential for bingers.


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Whatever you do, do not get in this state:

Okay, I've changed my mind... Good call
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Pints will make you full and will make you struggle to put away more booze. If I'm going for a heavy night I skip the pints and just hit the spirits. They get you on a buzz quicker and if you do throw up it will be less brutal.
The next day you will probably feel a bit like death warmed up though
Drink water regularly/drink water before you go to bed = no hangover (but possible wet bed when you wake up)
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I'm having a Pub Crawl with my uni tomorrow. Any advice?

You're ENTIRE Uni? In Scotland?


But yeah I'd recommend drinking at the same pace as the sensib- I mean non Scottish people
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Also, pop an Advil before you pass out.
Probably not this.

My advice: drink water when you can, have a bottle of water by the side of your bed when you go to sleep, and don't go with asshole friends who will force you to drink more than you want to.
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Do you really need advice on how to drink? Just don't drink all the time because when it hits 1am you'll be hammered and for the love of God if you go to a club after spending the night on pints do not drink vodka mixers!
Quote by Duffman123
Whatever you do, do not get in this state:

Aaarrrghh, ****, man, why? Why would you post that?!?
I feel queasy just watching that.

Pace yourself. Try not to have more than 2 or 3 pints per pub.
I shall grant you three wishes.

None of which will work.

Does the above post enrage, offend or confuse you?


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Seriously, the whole don't drink if you've had enough. I'm sick of seeing my taxes go towards people on their arse in a pub.

Also pace well, eat well before hand and if you feel a little worse for wear, sneak in a cheeky burger. Or cholesterol. Scottish people eat it.

/old man post.

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Pretend you can her Robot Rock between each pub and just pull of some crazy dance moves to burn off the beerz.
The sad thing is, the event in the video with the guy too shit-faced to know his hair was being cut has actually happened to me... The bastards started snipping away at 2am new years eve.
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Disregard all advice in this thread and just PARTY. Seriously, who "plans ahead" when they party? That's what sober life is for. Partying is for making mistakes that are awesome and memorable.
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I usually have a gameplan that starts from the moment I wake up if its going to be a long night. My advice is stick with beer, dont throw any liquor on top of it. Take it slow, only a couple pints per pub. Then if you need to take a tactical puke go for it. When ever I feel like I might need to puke I just sneak into the bathroom and let it out before its a problem. You may be the first to puke but youre going to be the last one done. Also have fun!
Weird. I haven't ever gone for a 'tactcal puke' and I drink quite a lot. Usually I get to the the state of being incomprehensible before I need to be sick
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