Hi guys.

I have a technical question about my current amp and a distortion pedal. It's a bit of a dumb-ass question so i'll get straight to the point!

I recently bought a Fender Super Champ XD. The amp its self is fine but I also bought a Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion pedal to try out on it. The pedal seems ok through the amps clean channel (channel 1) but when I try it through the voicing channel/OD channel, the pedal just doesn't seem to be working correctly. It sounds as if the sound is clipping, and no matter how high I set the level on the pedal it doesn't get any louder, and sounds as if something is broken??

If anyone else owns this amp and has tried a similar thing, let me know what your result was as I can't find any answers to this. Guitarists have been running pedals through OD channels for years so maybe this is a fault with either my amp, or the pedal, or maybe just an unfortunate miss-match of equipment that just *really* don't work together??