Righto, basically Andy said he couldn't be doin' and gave me his slot.

Given I have a proper slot in the works for a fortnight I decided I'd go for something different. And given I've been watching a few John Hughes/Brat Pack films lately I decided to go for an 80's movie themed radio, something nice and upbeat to put you all in a good mood. Tracks from St. Elmo's Fire, The Breakfast Club, The Lost Boys, Transformers, The Outsiders, Top Gun and Some Kind of Wonderful.
Hope you all enjoy.


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I thought you were kidding
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Come to think of it, my penis should've listened to more death metal.

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I blame this on Andy.

How can i do a Metal radio when i don't listen to the genre anymore?

Haven't listened, but if this dosen't have Kenny Loggins in, i'll be dissapointed.
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Haven't listened, but if this dosen't have Kenny Loggins in, i'll be dissapointed.

He most certainly is, it was a toss up between Danger Zone and Playing With the Boys, and though I haven't seen the film, Footloose. I thought good though footloose is as a track, I can't comment on the film so decided to leave it, so it was a toss up between playing with the boys and danger zone, but I thought people might think playing with the boys was a bit too gay, as if people don't think the films gay enough as it is. but Danger zone was more iconic a song so I went with that.

But really the likes of John Parr, Stan Bush and Stevie Wonder make Kenny Loggins seem run of the mill in comparison.
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Check out Galactic Alignment


Though I suppose the chances of you coming back are slim, I'll make you a deal...

You give me an in depth analysis of each track in my mix, their cultural significance, and what makes them transcend beyond the realm of mere songs, and I shall check out your band? do we have a deal?