I've searched and no results came up and I've also read the sticky, but on the action adjustment segment it was rather vague. I've googled as well.

So on to my question, are there any specific guidelines I should remember while adjusting the string height? I know how, but I want to know, for example, if I adjust one side, say the bass strings, immediately equally adjust the treble strings as well? (One clockwise turn of the bass strings, then do the same for the treble strings, if that wasn't making sense.)

Also, if there are any other tips one could give that'd be great too. It's my first time really doing this and I can't seem to get it right without one of the strings buzzing. Also, I just took it to a tech who helped me restring it and he said nothing was wrong with the neck so I don't think a truss rod adjustment is in order.

its not overly important that the bridge is perfectly equal. as far as guidelines to follow, theres not really a strict set of rules for action adjustment, you just have to try to find the balance between buzzing and string height. its mostly trial and error.
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Okay, also, is there a way to adjust strings individually? My A string and D string are about 1 mm off the 12th fret and buzz whenever I palm mute. But my low E is fine.


And also, I notice now that my floyd rose is too low, do I open up the back and loosen the springs now? Please help lol >.<

EDIT 2 : Nevermind that's answered in the sticky.
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yes theres a way to adjust strings individually, but it wouldnt be worth it to get rid of a little buzz, you wouldnt hear it through the amp anyway.
youd have to loosen the string, adjust the saddle, tune it back up and keep doing that til the intonation is right, i believe.

just lover two posts until youre in tune
Not sure if above post meant what I'm gonna say, but you will (probably) need to intonate each string after you adjust the action.
If strings are just a tad off, and strings aren't brand new, don't bother though since old strings are well..old..and wont intonate correctly.

Google around for how to intonate a FR bridge and you should find it easily.
there are no guidelines. i like my string height higher than a lot of my friends, but thats just me. just eliminate as much buzzing as practical. i always have my strings higher on the bass side. floyd or not.

to raise one string you have to shim the saddle. which is a major pita, its not worth doing unless its really bad.
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Ok, thanks for the help everyone. I think the reason I was so confused is because my bridge was WAY too low. But I got it figured out.