So the Stupid Deal of the Day on Musician's Friend is this , and I can't seem to figure out if it's just the software or if it actually comes with the Fast Track interface.

Pictured on the site is, what I'm guessing, the older Fast Track. From the description it seems like it does come with that.

I've been looking for an interface to record Acoustic guitar and maybe vocals with a condenser mic, and was gonna buy a package with mics, but I figured I only need one input at a time for now and could have my guitar go straight in until I get a mic. If this does indeed include the interface, is there anything to look out for before I pull the trigger? Are there any glaring issues with quality of that interface? It seems like a good deal. How is the software? Obviously it'll be a limited version, but I'm fine if it's comething I can record and mix with.

Not sure how long it'll be up either so, thanks.

And it seems to me, an interface is an interface at the sub-$200 price range, which is what I'd be looking at. If I only need one input at a time would this be fine?

EDIT: I'm in no hurry, so if there's something better I would get for my money for a little more I'd be more than willing to save for a little. I just thought this looked like a good deal.

EDIT 2: Just realized it has no phantom power. Would buying a $20 power supply instead of having it built in cause any problems?
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Its a good starter interface. As for the software, its the SUPER SUPER crippled version of Pro Tools (Worse than regular M-Powered). I'd just save up and get a better interface with Phantom Power built in and use Reaper.
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i have a fast track ultra 8 input interface...i use reaper to record with it. easy and great quality!