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Title says it all.
When was the first time you recorded? It doesn't have to be in a studio or anything, just like recorded a song in general.
I was 14 and i recorded in my friends bedroom with 3 microphones and no elbow space... pretty fun experience
I recorded the tracks for my bands demo which you can totally listen to on my profile or on the band page.
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1968 or so
How the fuck would I remember the year?
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i started recording about 2 years ago, with no experience, and i think i've come quite a long way since then.

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1768 or so
How the fuck would I remember the year?

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PlayMadness, you give me hope for mankind.

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PlayMadness - Jesus 2.0

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Society's doing great. There's a rise of people like PlayMadness. I feel pretty good about the way things are going.
When i was 5 or 6 my step brother and i got cheap guitars and recorded us being idiots on some boom box, i dont remember what it was.
My sophomore year. Or... rather, I was recorded at a school festival, I didn't personally do the recording or mixing.
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When I was like 13 I recorded my first song using a laptop microphone, an acoustic guitar, and audacity. It was rubbish.
recorded a song about two years ago with my band, we did the whole thing in about 3 hours. i took two takes for the leads for the entire song, and i did all the bass (the bassist didn't have any idea how to play the song), so i took maybe 30 minutes, and the vocalist recorded rhythm guitar, which took like 2 hours and still didn't get it sounding very good, and then drum programming and mixing and that sort of thing. it sounded pretty bad: lifeless rhythm guitar, repetitive drums, no vocals, inaudible bass guitar, etc. the solos weren't very good, but that's because i spent a total of less than 10 minutes recording the lead (and there was lead guitar throughout the entire length of the song) and it was a 6 minute song.
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When I had just joined this site, I recorded a solo from my Micro cube strait into Windows sound recorder (lol) that mimics what I imagine a camel giving birth would sound like.

And it was like 4, 5 minutes long. 5 minutes of pure shit. *shudders*
I guess....last year? Maybe late '09. I had written a stupid 2 minute guitar noodly thing back in 08 or so and got around to recording it. To date, it's the only "complete song" I've ever written, but damned if it's not something, at least.
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Early 2009. My first mix was AWFUL, sort of gives me confidence when I look back and compare it with my newer stuff.
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i got my first tascam crappy 4 track when i was 17 or so. i must've filled hundreds of tapes with shred tastic acid trips (and subsequently lost them all)
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Oh you mean music?
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Rock band mic + Audacity @ 17 years old
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Rock band mic + Audacity @ 17 years old

This last week. Only I'm 19. That's the first time I recorded by myself and it sounded halfway decent. The rhythm guitar part of a cover of Awake by Godsmack to be exact. The first time I recorded anything was my band, 4 years ago, using the church's sound system, and back when we absolutely sucked.
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When i was 17, in my dorm room - i was bored and my laptop had a mic + i had a ton of Beatles MIDI file so...It it blowed massive whale chunks.
The first song I recorded was for a school project and the audio was taken from a video camera I had. It was baaaaad.


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My first band when I was 16 had a free session from a friend who ran a studio. Everything had to be tracked live and we kept messing up so five easy songs took 7 hours and they sounded shitty anyway.
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Never recorded a full song, got a folder full of 1-2 minute recordings ive kept since i was about 17 (19 now), just for the sake of keeping a record of them.
When I was 7. I had 2 tape recorders next to each other, and I'd play a tape in one as I recorded on the other as a form of double tracking. After 4 or 5 takes, whatever I was doing became a horrible distorted mush.
when i was around 11 or 12, still got a bunch of my old ass shitty recordings from way back on my profile for nostalgia

good times though, no worries at that age, just jamming with a 2 dollar microphone from a bargain bin (it was actually this tiny sound recieving chip in a styrafoam pad...) just trying to piece together some riffs. didnt work out so well at that time, but i would just spend hours practicing by myself then
First time was when I was about 12 and using my phone recorder, it was pretty bad quality to say the least.
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Phone recorder when I got good enough to play powerchords(2006), sounded awful.
Now I use my headset mic not that much better, but I can play better and it's better quality.
Around 13 when I wrote an instrumental with my guitar teacher and we recorded it in cubase.

First time on my own was when I was 14 and I bought a Line 6 Toneport UX1

First time as a band was in Oct 2007 (15) when we recorded our first EP
2006 - I was 19 **** I feel well old now (dunno why either)
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1968 BC or so
How the fuck would I remember the year?

Fixed correctly this time.
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I think I was 18 or 19 when I recorded my cover of The Good Old Days by The Libertines which is on my profile

Bandwise we recorded our EP last november and it's still in the mixing process.

Other then that, we had a rather awkward recording a year prior to that, it was something arranged by those we practice at. It was an "2 hour free session in a recording studio" thingy and we weren't really motivated nor ready for it. It was more a look-and-learn process than a serious recording session.

In a less "official" manner, every single time my band is practicing. We have a rather amazing mobile phone camera which is a beast at picking up sound and has basically been our fifth member the last 2 years during all the writing and processing.
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hmm,about 7 years ago when i bought a logitech webcam,started recording bits and pieces,several years later i purchased toneport wich im very happy with.
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