Okay, I have a Yamaha DtXplorer elect drum kit. I'm trying to record midi with it in Reason 2.5 (old huh?). I have it hooked up to through a Cakewalk UM-1G.
Okay, reason Redrum only registers the floor tom (a high hat sound comes out), so there is a mapping problem. However, I can NOT (i repeat CAN NOT) change the MIDI notes on the Yahama drum brain. Is there any way I can change the note on Reason or something and get this thing properly mapped?


(ignore my earlier topic)
I'm not in front of reason right now, but I think you could shift the drum samples a couple channels down on redrum by manually loading them to get them to trigger to your yamaha. That or load what samples you want in the NN-XT and map them in there so they line up.