Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the site, and a novice guitar player. I've been playing on and off for a year now and do it just for fun, but I love it! I can read tabs, I can play the chords, and I'm exploring with fingerpicking, except the only thing i ever have trouble with is STRUM PATTERN! I can never figure it out, and it holds me back from playing a lot of songs.

My friend Kim is a wonderful singer, and we want to do a duet, however, I need to learn how to play "Songs Like This" by Carrie Underwood. I've got the chords down, but I don't have any idea what the strum pattern should be. Usually I look at youtube videos, but there is only one cover, and I still cannot figure it out.

If anyone could help me out that would be GREAT. I need help with specifically the chorus and bridge.

So, anyone willing to take a listen to the song and help me out??

Here is the cover I am trying to learn from...

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I dont know... that guitar sounds horrible to me, so I didnt listen to it very long.

but its pretty much exactly what I thought before listening to it.


just do it however really. downstrokes have more balls than upstrokes. ups are all bright and shiny.
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Alright man, I really don't care for the song but I'll help you out, I looked at the original and the video you posted, in the original song its played with an electric guitar and it hits the chords only once per chord change, I'm assuming you're using an acoustic guitar so you could try slow strumming each chord change then just picking notes in the chord. The cover you posted just has a random strumming pattern in it to follow along with the vocal melody, the best thing you can do if you want to sound like that is to listen to how the vocals flow and strum around it (and remember less is more when it comes to strumming). Just try to flow with it till it sounds right to you, I'm sure you are at least as good as the girl in the video so it shouldn't be too hard
I'm no expert but until one gets here to correct me or offer better advice, i'll just add one thing not necessarily related to the song but to the time of most songs.

A lot of songs are in 4/4 timing. ONE, two, three, four. ONE, two, three, four. ONE, two, three, four. Using up or down strokes according to what was said above or wherever the pick naturally needs to go for efficiency. Practice that using a metronome on slow speed at first so each note is timed perfectly with the metronome, clear, and perfect. Increase Beats per minute eventually to increase speed once that is perfected.

Eventually try and make, say "three", silent by moving down as you normally would with a stroke but not touching the strings each time you are on three. This also creates a different sounding strum pattern depending on when you don't make noise when you strum.

It is better to determine the strum pattern by ear when you can and train your ear to hear this, much more so than watching it done. At least, try listening first and if you get it wrong, then look. And that will help train your ear for what to listen for.

As I said, this is novice advice and just a basic, basic intro and others will probably use better terms eventually as they check out your thread, but it's better than nothing for now to give a basic idea about strumming, timing, to give you some direction.
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