ok so i am getting a bc rich metal something or other and it has a wrap around bridge and what i was wondering is that could i in theory swap that out for a tom and then make string thru holes? or would that throw off intonation?
and i dont want any "dont get that guitar" comments cause im getting it super cheap and i wanted it to be a project.
i dont see why not, but i also dont see why you'd go thru the trouble.
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i dont see why not, but i also dont see why you'd go thru the trouble.

No pun intended right...

You should be able to install a TOM, but you just have to make sure the bridge is in the same spot/height and then the intonation should be close. You may have to do some adjustments since the TOM won't come perfectly set up for your guitar anyway.
You'll have to fill the holes for the wraparound's studs, then drill for and install the ToM mounting posts.

I wouldn't. The wraparound has virtues of its own. Strongly suggest playing it, learning to work it for what it is and then seeing if a change is needed.
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yea i strung it up today and i kinda like the wraparound. although the guitar feels hard to play for me... i think its the body shape. anyways if i like this guitar enough i am going to refinish it in a white pearl color.
man i personally love the quad bridge on my Bich, might be one of the best bridges i've used, great for palm muting.
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