I've been using these chords for the song


and it sounds perfectly accurate, though there is one aspect of the song I can't seem to pin down. In the Intro/Verses to the song, you can plainly hear a melody (a hybrid picking and strumming sort of dealie that I can hear just fine), and some very light chords happening in the background. It seems like the guitarist is hitting just the high notes of the chords between notes in the melody. Unfortunately, I can't quite make out the pattern for these notes. I feel like I'm pretty close but nothing I try sounds quite right.

It isn't surper-noticable when you don't play them (meaning folks at open mic night probably won't care) but I want to make sure I get it right (I'm a bit of a perfectionist) I already asked the tab's author what he thought, but I figured I'd ask the community at large if they have any insigt. Thanks in advance!
standard with capo on 2nd fret

Thanks man, that sounds really good. Just gonna take some doing to get it up to speed. Thanks a lot!