Ok so I have a Schecter C-1 Classic, barely ever used, about two years old, in perfect condition, no dings, dents, or scratches.

I also have a Peavey Vypyr 75 watt amp, barely ever used, about two years old, with the Sampera 1 foot pedal.

How much do you think I could get for all of these if I were to go to Guitar Center, or to just sell them somewhere else. Also, does Guitar Center give more in store credit than they would in outright cash? Thanks.
They don't give you either, really. They give you 15% off whatever you buy that day, and the rest gets put on a check.

You probably won't get much for the Schecter since they depreciate insanely quickly. I'm not sure about the amp. I'd go to eBay and Craigslist before Guitar Center, since GC would give you half of what they'll sell it for and you can just cut out the middle man and get roughly double on your own than what you would from them.
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guitar center will give you 50% of the value the item sells for on classifieds/for sale type things. you bring in a MIA strat, that would go for $800, they would give you $400. at least thats how its done around here.

don't waste your time with them unless you want to get raped. go CL or eBay.
I think its all in how you talk to GC. I have been going there for years now, and they know me on a first name basis, so I think I get "better" deals on trade-ins than anyone else, for instance, they gave me $600 for my 2007 Gibson Studio.........which I felt was a pretty fair price.
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My experience (although never been in a GC since I'm not American) is that you will always be worse off going to a store for a cash trade - sometimes if you are exchanging for another used item you may come off better in the deal, although that can be subjective.

As a rule you'll be better off with a private sale - find your gear listed elsewhere, take an average of the price, pitch a little higher and advertise with "or nearest offer").

Unless you have a pressing need to buy narcotics becasue of cold turkey and deep rooted paranoia... In which case, flog it to GC for whatever they are prepared to part with and go meet your special friend immediately after.

If that's your thing.
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Also depends on what he's doing. if he is getting lets say 125 for the amp and pedal and he is upgrading to a 6505 combo that costs 600 he is knocking off 200 towards the cost of the amp. And doesnt have to wait god knows how long for a peavey to sell. Id hawk the guitar on cl though.
A store will never give you as much as you can get through a private sale. They need to re-sell the gear afterwards, so they have to give you less otherwise they'll hardly make any money.