I have a Fender Strat. MIM. The thing that's unknown about it is it has 'special edition' written on the back of the headstock. Aaaand I don't know what makes it special... I have the SN. It's MZ 4270341. If anyone could give me some insight, it'd be appreciated!
it must be something with the pick ups or electronics. Ifits mim it most likley has 21 frets but maybe the special edition means its got 22. It culd be many of many little things
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Not sure if this helps (http://www.fender.com/support/articles/mexican-instruments-product-dating) but it looks like the guitar is a 1994-1995 edition. Hopefully that narrows down your search!

EDIT: Oops! Totally misread the MZ and MN. Listen to the guy below!
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Actually, that'd be 2004-5, not 1994-5.

There are so many little things it could be, TS. Likely, it's a discontinued FSR, or something. The value of it is still probably the same as a 2004 Standard MIM Strat.
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