There's a Squier Tele Custom for sale lightly used for $200 but I've had my eye on a Epiphone Dot Studio for 270ish. Which one would you choose? And do you have more "respect" for Epiphones or Squiers? Just curious.
i own both a squier strat and an epi LP. i prefer the epi LP over the squier any day. the squier just feels sooo cheap. the epi is something sturdy to hold onto
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I would get the Epi dot.

I would also increase my budget.

But I wouldn't consider Squier, just not a fan.

I would also look at the used market. Found a standard Fender Strat for $200 once.

IMO with guitar its mostly your opinion.
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Quote by GrizzlyFnAdams6
^ orly?! I couldn't tell ! /sarcasm
I asked which YOU/Users preferred.

The point is that they are COMPLETELY different guitars for COMPLETELY different tones, and YOU have to know what kind of tone YOU want to get.

There is no better or worse in this case, just different.
Quote by GrizzlyFnAdams6
^ orly?! I couldn't tell ! /sarcasm
I asked which YOU/Users preferred.


so you're telling me the point of the thread is that everyone should just say which guitar they prefer? Kinda useless no? As that is a completely subjective matter which you cannot discuss or have a conversation about.
Hi, I have a Squire Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster, excellent guitar very well made. I also have a Davison LesPaul copy that I bought off of eBay for $139. If you are looking for clean tones go with the strat but if you like crunch and hard driving rock n roll it's pretty hard to beat the dual humbucker set up. I wish I had that Epi LesPaul or Dot... I'd lean to the Paul.
My 2 cents...
I'd say that Epi's in general are of much higher quality than Squires. I havent actually played the Dot Studio, but I've played the Dot Casino and the Nick Valensi Riviera, and I own a Std. LP, and I've played loads of Squire strats, teles and jags.

I'm kinda a single coil kind of guy, but I'd go for an Epi over a squire any day.