I'm a proud owner of a '66 Fender Villager 12str acoustic dreadnought and I can't seem to find a hardshell case for it. I've been surfing the net to find some dimensions of cases before buying one and found an Alvarez FC1 which was stated to be 44" long in a store. When it came to me I found out it to be 41,5" long on the out and 40,5" in and thus my guitar just didn't fit.
Has anyone know a suitable case model for this villager? Its an ordinary dreadnought, but it has a long neck head which winds its overall length to 42.5"

Thanks in advance. Jinx.
Well you could improvise till you find one and cut out the part of the case the guitar is hitting
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...Or I could cut the machine head short to fit in XD
Besides, cutting holes in a case kinda defeats the purpose.
Anyone puts a guitar in a hardshell. Maybe someone could measure the inner length?
So noone puts a 12str into a hardshell? Modern reissue of Villagers have the same 42 1/2" length but the come with a soft bag.