There is an extremely important problem with my VK112....

As I was moving stuff around in my bedroom this morning, i tripped and dropped an empty guitar case onto my guitar cable while it was plugged into the first input on my VK. I heard a pop and crack noise and noticed the jack had been dislodged. I plugged my guitar into the cable and turned on my amp to see if the jack still worked, but unfortunately all I get is static. What is wrong with my amp+how much $$$ to fix?

Thank you
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You probably broke the jack. If you know how to solder I'd imagine it's a simple fix. If you don't (I'd assume) just take it to your nearest amp tech, I can't imagine it'd cost very much.

In the mean time, you can use the other input.
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here is all of the tech info you need to fix it.

likely a broken jack as Raijouta said.
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