Hello everybody,
I am thinking of buying a second guitar (when my finance allows) and am looking for suggestions.
I want something that has a Floyd rose, as my current guitar does not (I wanna do some squeals and stuff). I play stuff from Hendrix to Megadeth, however I am wanting to go downs a more blues/rock path with my playing. Budget - around $1000 but am willing to spend more for a better guitar.
I currently have in mind:
A Kramer Striker 211 Custom
Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro/FX
Since these guitars are under the budget any recommendations on upgrades like pickups or machine heads would be much appreciated.
If you have that much to spend, you should focus on getting a guitar with a good term, as that is vital, much moreso than tunes etc.

In that price range you should be able to get sonethibg with an FRT-X000. They're very good trems, a step right below OFRs in terms of quality.

They can be found on guitars such as LTD Deluxes, Edwards, Schecter Hellraisers, etc. You might want to check those out and see if any strike your fancy.
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Thanks for that, I was also thinking about an Ibanez. Whats the trem like on those? I know that they're similar to Floyd Rose'
If I were you I'd seriously consider thinking over why you really want a Floyd in your next guitar. I wanted one to mainly be able to do some squeals as well but once the luster wore off I became quite frustrated with having a Floyd and the work required for such a little thing. Also I like changing tunings a lot so it's a bit of a deterrent for me.

Back on topic, Schecter C-1 Custom FR

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I see your point there. I guess they are a good novelty for a while, and I do like to change tuning a lot. maybe a nice Tele will be on the agenda.