Hey guys.

(posted this at The Laney Posse too)

I have a VH100R with a GS412LA cab from the days of HH speakers. I don't hate the sound, but I think it could be a little rounder. I play lots of metal and other high-gain stuff on this amp, and what I'd like is more 'chug chug' than 'krak krak', which is what I'm getting now. It's just a little too harsh to my ears, and seeing as I recently saw a thread here about a guy who swapped his HHs for something else and got rid of what he called an "icepick" sound, I was thinking maybe that's where my problem lies too. Could this be true?

Now, I have my eyes on a cheap pair of Celestion g12t-75 units. Just two of them. The guy says they're from the 90s when these units were UK made instead of Chinese. Would two of these pair well with the HH Invaders that my cab is loaded with now?