Will consider any, but preferably digitech digiverbs/RV-7, Digidelay, line 6 verbzillas, boss DD-series. Just a decent pedal. Cosmetic damage is fine if it works. Thanks.
Oh, and I have a EHX Nano Muff Overdrive, too. Sorry for multiple post, Won't seem to let me edit post. If you have something interesting I could also be persuaded to part with a Line 6 Tap Tremolo.

Would prefer trade, but cash could work.
I've been looking for a wah recently actually, would you trade for a Boss DD6? It's in great condition, no faults whatsoever and the features are top-notch. I bought it off of a member here, his name was 'friji' I believe. Simply don't need it any more because my music tastes have shifted drastically since I've bought it.
I'd be interested in that actually. Does the DD-6 have the "hold" delay setting (looping, pretty much). I had a DD-7 a year or so ago that I quite liked.
Yes it does, but it doesn't loop things that are longer than 3 seconds or something, where as the DD-7 loops it for about 7 seconds. But effects wise and ease of use, I personally think the DD-6 excels to DD-7, but it really depends what you're using it for and what genre you're playing.

Is the Vox a reissue?
I'll definitely consider that. I imagine I'll be in London next week, too.

At no point does the Vox actually say it's a reissue, but I'd say it probably is, as I purchased it new and it doesn't have a scratch on it. The box says exactly "Vox Original Wah-Wah" then has a patent number and "Registered: 1967"
All right, fair enough. Since I'm trading anyway, I need a compact overdrive pedal, how about £10 for the EHX considering the trade?

Also, I'm not currently in London, neither is the pedal. I've moved abroad to Cyprus until September but if we trade, I'm happy enough with sending the pedal out first if you're sceptical and in order to cut shipping costs on your behalf I can arrange for the posting address to be sent to my brother in London. If you only want in-person trade only though, that could be a problem :S.
Got an Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo, decent condition, boxed with all papers and shit like that, yours for £120 posted