So, i got my first bass. YAY!
Ive always had more respect for bassists then the average dude, ive always thought it was bad ass. But now that i have one, its alot harder then i first thought.

So, as a new bass player how do i got about playing with my fingers? I can easily do it on my top sting (5th), but the others, i just hit all the other strings. Whats the best way to go about it without hitting every other string? What about alternating between two strings and without being sloppy as shit.

I have a basic run down of picking. Ive played two songs (VERY ROUGTHLY) with a pick. Being a guitarist ive gotten used to them. And im sure each individual pick ive owned has gotten used to its own hiding space in my room. Somewhere.

Further on, best spot on the (10th or so and lower) frets to put my finger. On a guitar its close to the fret, but im not sure if it would be the same with a bass, with the thicker strings and wider fret spacing and so forth. And how much preassure will i need to apply? With a guitar, i know you only need to press lightly to get the note to ring without putting the note sharp.

Willing to learn your bad arse ways.
So, basicly. How do I bass?
Practice. Start slow and the speed will come naturally. Just take your time and be accurate.

BTW use a metronome too.

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Check out the FAQ if you can, there's a lot of essential information in it that will be invaluable to you when starting to learn to play.

The basic fretting technique is pretty much the same, press down hard enough to get a clean note sounding. It may be difficult at first because you're used to such thick strings, but you'll build up the finger strength in no time as you practice.

If you're confused about how exactly to play with fingers and the muting side of things, have a look how other bassists play. I suggest checking out a guy on Youtube with the username MarloweDK. He does a lot of bass play along videos and instructional videos, with heavy influence on muting technique (he has 1 or 2 videos dedicated them I believe), so that would be a good place to start.

If you have other questions then don't be afraid to ask! We were all where you are at one point, and we're nice folk round here, so please don't hesitate
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I think you get the "most hilarious thread title" award. Yes as far as playing with your fingers goes you will want to watch vids and as start super slow and build up. It will come with dedicated practice. You could practice slowly playing octaves as a simple way to start and maybe work your way up to an exercise where you walk up on octaves along the lines of

----------------------------------------------- etc....

Then when you can do that with roots on E and A strings, work in another string like...

After you can do that, look up the bass line for "Money" by Pink Floyd.

This should take you awhile.

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The MarloweDK guy on youtube is the don. Covers pretty much anything that you need to know. You shouldn't try and run before you can walk though.

I assume from the tone of your post that you also play guitar. If this is the case I'll make it clear now. Don't try and play bass like it's guitar. While most guitarists can play elementary bass, you will get next to nowhere unless you embrace the bass as a separate entity. That doesn't mean not using a pick, by the way. Both fingers and pick are legitimate techniques for playing bass.

In terms of finger picking though, what may help initially is resting your thumb on the string above the one you're picking and just shifting it when you need to skip strings. Others play with a floating thumb (i.e. they don't anchor it on a string) and just get accuracy over time. There are excellent bass players who anchor and excellent bass players who don't, there's no right or wrong here. Try and see what's best for you. In terms of actually striking the thing with your fingers, experiment until you find the best way to play cleanly. Everyone's technique is slightly different. Playing over the pickups will give you a fuller tone, but you already knew that, right?

It's similar with the frets. Just experiment until you get a clean sound. Maybe get a couple of lessons to get you set on the right path. I had one lesson way back in the day, which taught me basically what I've just told you in addition to how you hold the neck. In case you're interested in that, your thumb is like a pivot and doesn't pop up over the top of the neck like on a guitar. This allows you to handle the bigger frets. Even after 4 years of playing I still slip out of that habit.
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Don't try and play bass like it's guitar

yeah, ive always sorta thought of that. Ill still occasionally do a quick solo down the fret board, but only cause it sounds ****ing awesome and mellow on a bass.

Thanks all for the help! Really apreciate it! Ill get practising, if only i didnt have to go to work soon D:

Thanks rawkandrowl, ill make sure i have a go at those exersices. And ill try to be creative in the future with thread titles :P

Ill take a look at the FAQ as fleajr_1412 said. I read it all a while back, and had a quick skim over picking last night. Lots of helpfull stuff. Ill probably look at EQing later today, and fiddle with my Amplitube settings (using interface and amplitube, dont have a bass amp yet and i sure as hell wont try the guitar one).

Ill be sure to practice, im not used to metronomes, but i guess ill need to get used to it. Even on guitar my timing is horrible. And bass really does require accuracy.

Thanks everyone! Lots of help
I personaly tell beginners this:

Approach your plucking hand technique as a Classical Guitarist would. (plucking only)

Check out,

Free Strokes and Rest Strokes.

This is not easy and takes practice and patience; but pays off vastly.
But for me , the bottom line is this: I do whatever it takes to play the note cleanly and evenly.
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I read in a book of mine to rest your thumb on the string above the one your playing. Oft your on the top string, rest on the pickup.

And practice.
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