Going to guitar center and playing a bunch and picking one and buying it or ordering one from gc online and getting a brand new oone?

fender strat hss im lookin at with the maple fret board.
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you can often get them cheaper at the stores, depending on if new or used, however you will probably have more choices in color and whatnot online. But if color is not a concern then get the one that you know plays how you want it to. and just because you get a new one does not mean it will be better than the one you played. all instruments are different. think of it like a car, they are all made to the same specs but some just feel different.
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that being said, I have ordered 2 of my guitars online and love them. I would not consider trading or changing them. I went through musiciansfriend though, but gc would work the same way not to mention there are a lot more physical locations for gc.
Gibson LP traditional and DC standard, SG standard, MIA Standard Strat, Schecter Banshee 7
EVH 5153, Orange TV50H 2-2x12's
Line 6 M13
I give an extremely high review on the Ibanez Art100, if your looking for price, or ibanez M1M2( not sure about the name, but its somthing like that, look for mick thompson signature.)
going to the store, and the competition, and finding the one that plays best and you get along with.

ordering blind and paying full price is completely stupid. sam ash and GC are having weekend wars over your tax returns right now.

and it's friday.

go to a store and get 15% off a new one? why oh why would you do that?
gregs is right. Go to the store and take advantage of their sales right now (although usually they offer the same kind of discounts online).

But the benefit of store shopping is that you can price-war them against each other (GuitarCenter and Sam Ash). See who will give you the better deal, then take it to the other store and tell them if they beat it then you'll buy it from them. If they say they can only match the price, ask them what they can throw in with the guitar to sweeten the deal. They want your business, and as long as you're not asking for ridiculous stuff they'll usually do what they can to keep you as a customer. I did that when I bought my keyboard (yeah, I know... this is a guitar forum) and I got the price dropped way down.
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And dont let those guys put you on the most expensive amp on the top shelf.

A daisyrock guitar would sound amazing. Test it out on an amp that is similar to what you are using at the time.
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