I was stumbling around the GoogleCode labs and came across a project aimed at displaying guitar tabs, and this lead to me the site http://www.alphatab.net/ . Basically, this allows people to display better tabs with notation in a regular web browser, and you can even listen to them ( it's not just for guitar, drums, bass, etc. work too ). With this you're also able to directly load a .gp5, .gp4, etc. tab onto a webpage. I think this is pretty cool and that in the future it would be a great benefit to tab sites / people who can't get music software like GuitarPro, so they could just open up a web page and it would be almost as good. What do you all think about this?
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It seems like a decent idea, but you can just get TuxGuitar which is free and doesn't require the internet except to download it.

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