Happened by the local crack hou....umm.. GC Mon. eve ta see about some lemon oil. Spotted a brite red unit right there at the corner of the used gear. WOW! a 12 string..huh? a Ric?? Oh...no.. a Dean.. whatsis...Sarasota.. WTF izzat? Asked the helpful staff and they didn't know squat about it.

Plunked a few and strummed it some.. Hmm not to bad an action; then hooked it to a generic amp. A little muddy and not as brite as I like 'em:shrugs:. Got home and searched the 'net. Found that it's the high end of the Florida city series; followed by the Boca and some other place.

The neck is slim, thickness-wise; but wider than most electric 12s at 1 7/8 in. Nice joinery at the base and head of the neck. The root is scalloped in back and the headstock is scarf joined into the neck. The "Flame Maple" isn't quite perfect match-book, as it's off a bit in the broad part of the body; but gets better nearer the neck.
The brite red, clear finish is well applied with no flaws, other than a few minor pick scratches. It cleaned up real nice with some Pledge on the body and an application of Guitar Honey to the Mother-of-Pearl marked fretboard. The frets are even and well finished...no snags or hi-low pieces. No buzz or twang until ya smack the hell outta it
The Dean open-face 'Buckers are the "zebra"/B&W types an seem ta be reasonably well built, sound-wise, thru my Fender Frontman 65r. The binding is an off-white plastic of some sort and surrounds the entire leading edge of the body, the odd shaped sound holes and the sides of the neck. Almost the same "ivory" coloration as the surrounds on the P'ups

MSRP is/was $950+/- and most sell new (disco's in what..2007?) for right around $600....with NO case. A few used popped up at roughly $350-450. This one had "OHSC" listed on the tag. I had ta ask WTF that was? Seems Dean had a special, custom fitted, violin-top case just for this model!

I figger'd that the stickered price tag of $299 was kewl enuff, as it plays right nice; so I took it for another spin Tues nite. Most of the rack amps were unplugged, so I had to run it thru a high-end Engberg... Englund, Egl- something whatever it was . WOW! Simply marvelous! All the highs and a mellow tone from the mahogany body. Nice sustain , too. With a nut-job and a reverse of the drones, the sound could easily pass for a Ric!

I decide that it'll be a cold day in hell before I can afford a Ric; so i pulled the triger and bought it. Got home and opened it up altogether and found a cheapie sprung capo and a button lock sling in the case!Figger about 15 for the capo and another $25 for the strap, add. Add what? another $150 (minimum) for the OHSC and the end cost of the guitar gets right down to a paltry $109.00 !!!!!!!!!!

I believe I found another Diamond in the Rough ! Pix to follow

Happy New Guitar Day to me......

HNGD, at first i was like "is he speaking some form of language i haven't heard" but then i got the jist of it all.
sounds nice, can't wait for pix xD
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Pix incoming!
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Just a quick snap and grab.
Here it is surrounded by it's Fender cousin/s...
Dean Sarsota 12 edit.jpg