I've been playing guitar for around 2 years and I've settled into playing acoustic songs and covers. I live in a remote area and have learnt from UG and youtube tabs and lessons. I'm playing Californication, Otherside, Zephyr song - RHCP, and also Dakota - Stereophonics with a friend splitting rhythm and lead sections. I can play all my parts from start to finish but I'm having trouble 'ironing out' little mistakes and am not sounding as smooth as I believe I should.

I'm after tips to improve my acoustic (lead,rhythm and general) playing. Anything from excercises, to entire songs to learn, to single techniques. No aspect of my playing is perfect so any recommendations would be appreciated.


You said you play Dakota by the Stereophonics.. So try to learn some more of their songs. Maybe tomorrow has a cool sound to it, and only uses 5 chords in the entire song, and the lead can be played over the top pretty easily. Just Looking is a good song to practice skipping strings, and has a nice chorus for rhythm. Pick a Part That's New has a nice intro, it uses power chords and puts them into a melody pretty well. If you're looking at Stereophonics a lot, take a peek at the Greatest Hits, it's really decent stuff, and Kelly Jones is a great guitarist.

You can always learn scales too. Start with major scales, and progress onto pentatonic minors (good for solos). After that you can learn chord progressions. A brilliant site for finding chord progressions, jam tracks, scales etc is www.all-guitar-chords.com, you'll find it pretty handy when you forget certain things..

There's an infinite amount of stuff you can learn to play on the guitar, you'll never stop learning! Bottom line, listen to your favourite bands, play their songs, learn from them, and eventually you'll combine their styles to - hopefully - create one of your own that you feel comfortable and happy with.

All the best,