Hey guys haven't posted too much in a while but here's my current project I'm working on. Still a pretty new band so things are always evolving. Happy to hear any criticism and if you like it, do us a favor and add us on Facebook or Reverbnation. Thanks!




My rig is an ESP LTD Sc-207 through a Randall Warhead 150w combo, Line 6 Spider IV Celestion cab, BBE Green Screamer and 362 Sonic Max, ISP Decimator, and a CFH wah. Thanks for looking!
I watched a couple of your videos and listened to your recordings and thought I'd give some input! Your tempo is all over the place in your videos, the drummer should start playing with metronome every time you practice, it will help tighten you guys up a lot.

Are your recordings mixed and mastered already? The drums are dominating the mixes, the cymbals especially. It makes it hard to really listen to the guitar work and the vocals.

Good luck at your upcoming shows! My band played the token lounge a couple times, its a pretty decent place. Check us out on www.facebook.com/drawntofury. Figured I'd help out a fellow Detroit area band! If you got any questions on venues or anything band related just hit me up.
is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

please listen to my band at www.drawntofury.com
Hey thanks, appreciate it. I've been trying to push that with him for a while. Live he does a great job but he likes to try new stuff during practice so it happens that way sometimes.

I've been trying to mix those recordings up a bit to dampen those cymbals, doesn't help they were one-shot takes, they're relentless little SOBs. But I suppose that's all in time anyways. We just got a new mixer and a really nice condenser mic so hopefully we can do some track for track recording soon.

You guys sound great! We'll have to hit up a show together sometime, been really wanting to expand from playing the Token all the time. Used to be Harpo's but.....yea I won't even get into that lol. Thanks again man!
Yeah I would really push him to do it all the time both at practice and live. Especially some venues around us don't have the best monitor work so if everyone is playing off the drums all the time it sounds really tight. How did you go about recording drums? Like the mic set up?

I totally agree with you about Harpos, such a dangerous area of Detroit! We played at the I-Rock on the 1st and I had to order my taco bell through a plexi glass window in the store! Just hit me up personally on facebook at www.facebook.com/michael.liquia and we can chat more if you had any more questions to get started in the area man!
is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

please listen to my band at www.drawntofury.com