Hey guys,

If you would have the money and were looking to get a kirk hammett tone what would you buy, the Randall RM100KH or the Mesa triaxis +2:90? or if you think you have a better idea please tell
BTW please no commenting stuff like get your own tone or kirk hammetts tone suck.
I swear you've made about 20 threads about Metallica tones?

If I had the choice the Mesa Triaxis and 2:90, I've heard the Randall was bad, atleast for its price haven't heard it though.

Seriously though, stop bothering, you won't sound like Metallica till you've recorded the same way they did, playing the same way with atleast the same pickups, and had Metallica style production on a Metallica sounding song.

PS - Mesa Mark IIC+ or Studio Pre + Marshall Power = Master Of Puppets
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Don't know if it was his tone or James', but I loved their guitar tones on the Cunning Stunts DVD and those were basically TriAxis tones.

Like the Triaxis much better than the RM100 overall, so I'd say get that one.