I'm planning on completely rewiring my Epiphone g400 custom and finding an HHH wiring diagram isn't a problem but I'd like to modify the switching. For those who aren't familiar with the 3 humbucker switching, it works just like standard 2 humbucker switching, except the middle pickup is always on. Bridge and Middle/All 3 pickups/Neck and middle. There are 3 independent volumes and a master tone. What I would like to do (if it's not too complicated) is set up the switching so that I can get the following pickup combinations: Bridge/Bridge and Middle/Neck. I may be wrong, but I don't think a standard 3 way switch can do this. What modifications would need to be made to the diagram in the link below to get the switching I want?

What do you mean by the Bridge/Bridge pickup combination? Is that a typo and you meant Bridge/Neck???

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