I have a Blackstar HT-40 and yesterday I was recording myself improving with a video camera. As I rewound the camera it seemed to interfere with my amp for about a second. Today I turned my amp now and this absurd buzzing sound is coming from my amp. I can not play my guitar with this sound either as the noise seems to cancel my guitar playing and no sound from me strumming comes through. If I angle my guitar a little and get it just right, I can play it for a little and get the buzzing to stop but I budge a little too far the buzzing returns.
Although you might have not done anything to it, it wouldn't hurt to look for a loose wire in the back of your guitar.
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Sounds like a cable problem to me. I don't really see how a video camera could interfere with a tube amp...well...screw up a tube amp permanently...
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Yea it's a single coil American Strat. Just pulled out an old humbucker guitar and it worked with it. So are the pickup at fault here because I was using the strat to record yesterday and it was perfect then.