I'll have your critique up tomorrow.

As for the drums; I didn't make the beat, I'm only responsible for the guitar. To my understanding the guy that made the beat still has some work to do on it, then we're going to sell the track and whoever we sell it to is going to rap over it.

As for it ending too soon... there's two more verses after the piano interlude, but due to copyright issues and the fact that we haven't sold it yet, I only put up the first minute and a half of the song.

Thanks again for critiquing though, I will get to your work tomorrow for sure.
Nice playing man, plus the tune as a whole has some good potential, though maybe at the moment some of the synths are sounding too glittery for my taste.

One thing I'd say is that guitar needs to be more forward in the mix; I'd recommend backing off with the reverb (unless you are going for a very 80s feel) and compress it lightly to bring it out more.

Hope to hear the fully finished and mixed version soon man!

C4C please? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1430221
hey man
the guitar work in this is very good. its a weird feel to add to a hip hop but other than that it has a nice bluesy feel that i really like, and the playing is very good.
i guess the guitar should be in the background like that, eh? otherwise i'de give it more volume.
good luck selling it

http://soundcloud.com/cyberbob87/dancefloorda-disorda c4c, if you don't mind
Thanks for the critiques guys, I just posted my critiques on all of your respective works. Semus, you posted a link to the same song that cyberbob did, but I think I found your tune.