Well I just recently enrolled in an online university, American Military University, in order to take courses to complete an Associates degree before I get out of the military.

I'm doing it to shorten my workload once I get to a 4 year university.

Does anyone on here take a significant amount of online courses, or even any at all?

Are there any free resources that you've found helpful?

Any tips?

I can only do pretty much one course at a time, maybe two while I'm deployed, so I won't have a heavy courseload, but it will be difficult at any rate due to the demanding and time-consuming nature of my job.
My God, it's full of stars!
I did pretty much only online courses one semester. Was not the best of ideas, I tend to procastrinate too much and not having to go to classes actually sucked.

I don't really have any tips except do your work in time.