Hey guys! I've been recording at home with my band Odyssey Dawn. I'm trying to see what fellow musicians think of our composition. Let me know what you like, what we need to work on, what she shouldn't do.
Give a Listen to "Poor Man's Lament". It's about 5:21 in length, and I'm quite proud of it! Can't wait for what everyone on UG has to say.

Here's the link:


Crit for Crit! of course >
Hey thanx for givin my song a listen, the production quality on ur song is great! I love the second solo it gave a "shadows fall" kinda feel to the song, only thing i can say is that the end fade out the vocals should come down more along with the song fade out but otherwise fantastic!
The vocals are good, the singer reminds me a bit of Dio. Guitar riffs & tone are good (though I would probably lower some of the EQ at some of the higher frequencies a little bit, but my ears are sensitive to high frequencies). Lead guitar is also good, as are the drums. Nice recording! Please review my music at this link:

hey man thanks for the crit.

aight so first off the production sounds pretty good but personally for me the rhythm guitars could use some more 'oomph'. i loved the leads and the solo was great, awesome tone too. also i didnt really hear the bass, make it louder! haha

singer sounds kind of old school, somewhat reminds me of the dude from iron maiden, very powerful voice.

it was great, pretty tight song, nothing i can really bitch about, good job
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Nice intro really set up for the rest of the song. Nice vocals doesn't sound like every other shit metal band these days. Got some nice riffs going in there and solid rhythm, and amazing solo, really nice work.
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