With the semester winding down, I have begun thinking about a summer project. I don't want to do a "from scratch" build, do to my inexperience, and my dad sold some of his woodworking equitment. anyways....

At the moment I trying to decide whether to mod my friends squier I have sitting taking up room, or to go for a build.

The downside to the squier is the neck just feels like complete crap to me, and I only wanted to put a little over $100 into the POS.

so that pushed me towards buying a body and neck off of a website (warmoth, Guitar fetish,...). I want to either do another tele (i hate the idea of messing something up on my current one), or something like a jazzmaster.

Looking on Guitarfetish, i was liking the figured maple tele body (and the price), but i noticed in the pic that it didn't even look like some of the holes were drilled straight, has anyone had problems with this website's bodies?

wanting to keep it a pretty low price build, being my first I thought a body from guitar fetish and a neck from Warmoth since i have heard very good things about warmoths necks. and other parts from musicianfriend, and ebay.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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if you want to keep the price low a warmoth neck is kinda out of the picture.... but my explorer i got from gfs was perfect