hey , so i made a gutiar , was asked to repaint the thing , due to his change of mind and wanted some airbrushing , all pcikups were removied and wiring proteted and free from overspray. so i joined the 2 wired from the pcikups to the right ones , white to white and red and black to red and black , all sound. Its not setup but all i am getting is a duff sounding noise , similar to as if you was tapping on a pckup , the string isnt in contact but am i getting this nosie due to a abd conection , not setup right? thanks guys
You've mentioned three colours, white red and black. That makes me think you might have humbuckers with four wires, the unmentioned ones being green? Are they connected to something or is my guess wrong? What pickups do you have?
well , theres a red and black wire , in them each have a white wire , theyre apparently gibson , whether originals or absed on them , but a standard humbucker , with a bit of tweeking about , maybe due to bad connection , the tone and sound changes . In all hoensty when making my gutiars , i'm a body sprayer so al lthat and constructing the guitars are all good , but everyone has to learn to wire up sooner or later aha