I realize this is a stupid question, but I'm brand new to recording, so here it goes: What kind of connectors would I need to connect a Shure SM57 to an M Audio Fast Track Pro? Would it be a 3-pin male XLR on one end and a 3-pin female XLR on the other?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a dumb question.
^ i disagree with starting out with sim software. it is a very different experience than using a mic, and so saying one is the starting point doesnt make sense to me. yes, it can be easier to get a solid sound out of amp sims, but you dont learn how to mic an amp by doing so

if the guy wants to mic his amp, i say go for it.
yeah, exactly. using amp simulation software isn't going to give him experience on mic'ing an amp so how will it be any different when time comes that he does want to mic his amp?

Either way he won't have experience in it so he's going to be in the same exact position when he wants to mic up.

Might as well start off doing what he really wants to.
I didn't realize this thread (and my stupid beginner question) would carry on this long.

Yes, I'm micing an amp. I'm starting with the placement advice from this article (hence the Shure SM57), and I'll make adjustments from that as needed. I'm not a guitar beginner, so I already have pretty good gear to play with. I'm just new to recording. I'll probably get a condenser mic at some point, but I'm going to see how the Shure handles it for now.

Thanks again for all the advice.
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The SM57 is good for amps. Just follow that article and experiment and you will get it. People saying you should go straight to DI doesn't make sense if you want to learn to mic an amp you have to practice.
never thought i'd see this many replies in a thread asking what a mic cable is

Best of luck to you with your recordings TS. You'll love that 57.