So, im entering college soon, and i know i need to keep my finger nails healthy and strong for Classical Guitar Studies, but I am vegan, and end up breaking my nails octagonally ( maybe due to the lack of protein in my diet, and the absence of gelatin, but im working on increasing protein) Do any of you U'G'ers know any products to induce healthy nail growth and strength, or any good supplements to take to increase nail growth and strength? ( i dont want to fail the class due to poor nail health)
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Well, first off, you don't need long nails at all! You do need a combination of flesh and nail to get a good sound but the amount of nail required to do it is not that much at all. You can still get a big, full sound from short nails

John William's nails are all VERY short and guess what? He plays almost all free stroke. Of course, his guitar is able to make a big sound too but John's big sound comes from his technique, not his guitar.

Now, I said that just to let you know that nails don't necessarily have to be long as many people believe they need to be. Quite a few 2nd year uni guys I know play with long nails because they think they'll get a louder sound. They do get a louder sound but they sacrifice alot of their tone for it and they catch on the strings because of poor nail shaping.

There are products available to help you strengthen your nails. Check out Revitanail, they're an Australian company but their products do wonders for your nails. When I ****ed up my nails from using acrylic nails, I started using that to help my nails return to a good health and it really helped speed up the process.

It's also a good idea to buff your nails, if you do it properly, they'll last longer because they won't catch on anything as you go about your day AND they'll get you a better tone.

Hope this helped.
Thank you, that helped a ton, and answered everything that i was wondering.
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I've never heard of it. But Ironically, my highschool sports teams were known as the Logan Berries.

Minecraft Name : Selibucaz2
Raw vegan is where it's at. I was just plain vegan for a long time and I ate a lot of cooked vegetables and rice and bread and pasta. It was good but nothing compared to eating fruits and raw vegtables and raw soaked nuts and seeds only. It's like being high all the time. Ridiculous central nervous system stimulation. Also my nails are getting a lot stronger. I'm almost completely off the strengthener.
in order to grow and have strong nails, you need enough protein. most of the vegetarians and vegans i know don't get enough protein - which would be a minimum of around 50 to 60 grams of complete protein per day. not many vegetable protein sources are whole proteins, although soy and quinoa are. and that old myth about rice and beans? you get maybe 8 grams per serving. you'd need to eat a LOT of rice and beans per day.
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green leafy vegetables are packed full of protein

dandilion greens! mmmmm

ya most vegetarians and vegans dont get enough cellular nourishment but thats because they do it wrong