I have a lot of those little glow in the dark ceiling stars.
I don't put them on a ceiling, though.
There isn't really an "up" on a space shuttle...
...or space, for that matter.

There's a window on either side of the ship, but I put
my bed up against the one that faces Earth as I orbit it.
I put all those stars around the window facing out into space
so I can look at them at night.

It's for comfort.
They make the real ones seem so much closer.
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I sometimes wonder if you really are an astronaut.

Umm, I guess this was okay, not really enough said here for there to be much right or wrong with it. I found it a little strange, I suppose, but not quite strange enoung to be really cool. Anyway thats what I think.
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Ditch the astronaut theme.

You're going nowhere with it.

Thank you. This.

semen bath.
Love the last two lines.


"Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time."

actually you are going somewhere with this, look out you window thats me waveing at you from my excape pod....**** i liked it.
no, dont drop it. I actually enjoyed this for what it was, short and sweet. And just because they said you should drop it cause its going nowhere, should be the very reason you do just the opposite, pick it up and run, until YOU say otherwise.

Dont let others cut away at your soul with the shards from their own.
Dont let others cut away at your soul with the shards from their own.

I love the sentiment sir, but not the melodrama.
I dislike the first line. I think I feel that way because it says "a lot" which I find as a very vague description of the number of stars you own. Just my opinion, though. Overall, this piece had a very informal feel to it, as if you were just talking to a friend and not a bunch of poetry "critics", which I enjoyed, while at the same time, it made it feel less poetic and more like an excerpt from a book (if that makes any sense). Anyway, I say the space concept is worth exploring, I would like to read more about it.
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