Hey, hopefully people read this. I'm looking for some people to back me up for some live shows. I'm finishing up a 10-song album that will be out sometime in June, and I'm hoping to play some shows in the Philly area to promote the CD. The music is pop rock, that delves into folk and punk a bit as well. It's for fans of the Weakerthans, the Early November, Ted Leo, and the Hold Steady. Maybe Weezer too.

Anyway, I'm looking for at least a drummer and a bassist. Another guitarist and maybe a keys/organ/piano guy would help too. The band is called Wiley Post. Here's a link to my facebook page which has an acoustic song. I'm still mixing the rock songs. If you want to hear them, email me and I'll send a rough mix or demo.


If anyone is interested, email me at wileypostmusic@gmail.com