I just almost crapped my pants in fear, UG...

I just installed new locking tuners on my guitar (successfully ), which involved taking the neck off the guitar (bolt-on) to drill screw holes. When I put the neck back on, the relief had changed dramatically from having all the strings off and being moved around and such. "No problem," I said to myself, "A few twists of the truss rod will sort that right out!"

so i get out my allen wrench and start giving it a go, using this metal straighedge to measure. However, after giving it what might have been about 1 1/2 turns, i felt my stomach drop to the floor. the rod became loose, turning it had no resistance, and it wasn't changing the relief. I thought it had separated from the neck and was now floating free in the neck channel.

Being the piece of poop that I am, I had been spinning the rod in the wrong direction for the last 10 mintues . But man, the second it became fully loose I thought I was going to burst into tears at the thought of having to buy a new guitar!

Long story short: can we have a thread about the mistakes you made in guitar making/maintenance as a newbie that freaked you out?
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I constantly tuned the wrong string (G instead of D) on my guitar. I eventually snapped the string when tuning the G too high on accident all too many times. So I finally wrapped the string around the other side of the tuning post. Thing has saved me G strings so many times afterwords. Not exactly a pants crapper that happened while modding. But a pants crapper that led to modding.
thats an interesting idea... i guess you can only do it with the e string or else the higher string gets bent around the previous tuner.

as a side note: my modding was not succesful. bolting the neck back on made a small gap between the back of the neck and the body, angling the neck and causing a moderate angling of the fret board. I guess the local shop will get my $45 after all... maybe i can convince them to throw in a nut installation.
Anxiously Anticipating An Attractive ADA-MP1 Addition!
Me and my friend built an amp out of an old tube radio. Thinking it was A-okay after testing it with a crappy walmart guitar i plugged in one of my guitars with active pickups. Fried them instantly. Turns out we wired something backwords and pumped volts into the guitar input instead of the speaker...

Although after fixing that, its quite a nice sounding amp!
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I tried to set up my guitar for slide, and it was some open tuning requiring say the D string to C so I kept tuning t higher til it snapped and I realized C is also one below D.

Tried using a drimmel tool as a router and got distracted and routered across my foot then put my arm on the bit and burned the shape into my forearm
Twice this month I've wired volume knobs backwards. So 10 is off and 0 is normal (loud), clockwise for quiet.
there is almost no reason at all to move your truss rod more than about 1/8 to 1/4 turn in a day.

its solid wood. its not on a hinge. its not going to change instantly. it needs time to bend and settle. you will most likely have to retune a few times and you might not even see a change in playability for a while.

that is the exact reason people are told to avoid truss rods, cause its easily to just get anoyed and do something silly with such a finicky adjustment.
if you arent clamping the neck to the body before you screw in the screws you should be
One time I cut the last 1/2" - 3/4" off the ends of my pointer and middle finger on my right hand.
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