Alright... I've been working on a one man band project lately. I think I'm glad with the style of music I have chosen for now. There is a facebook page for Parasitic Devourment. I'm going to straight up say this... you will only like this if you like the following bands:

Amputated Repugnance
Splattered Entrails
Eternal Mystery
Prostitute Disfigurement
Gutted with Broken Glass
Guttural Secrete

If your a fan of old school grindcore like Brutal Truth, Terrorizer, and Napalm Death, I guarantee you that you'll loathe this band. Just giving a heads up before all the hatred commences.

And I know some of the bands I posted are not grindcore, but I only listed them based on sound.
Why do some metalheads try to sound really smart with their elongated band names and song titles? I just don't get it, its like you're more hellbent on making someone respect you for the pseudo-intelligent names you come up with than actually making music.

I don't mean to be mean (probably failed at that), its just I don't understand it at all and I guess if you explained it you could enlighten me into what attracts people to this "genre". Just don't start crying......although thats a bit irrelevant because metalheads don't cry, right? lol.
I can see your perspective as in why it seems like I want attention for what you believe is "pseudo-intelligence". The band name idea was based on something I saw on the discovery health channel a year or so ago. There was this extremely grotesque wound I noticed on one of the arms of the man that was featured on the segment. They explained that it was a mosquito that had bit him and that parasites eventually were hatched in the mosquito bite. That's where I got the name idea of the band from. As far as the band names go, they were based off the lyrical content I had written. One of the songs "Bereavement of the Deceitful" was actually based off of a recent experience where I was pissed off by some ***** who had lied to me about certain things. The self-titled song is based off of the concept I have about certain human beings. Since many of us practically waste our natural resources, we are practically parasites of the earth. As far as why the genre may attract people, I honestly have no ****ing idea. Hahaha... I guess it's all part of the search for the most disturbing music there is.