so i have noticed then almost every one that has a vintage tremolo system has it floating above the body about 1/4 of an inch, this way when the trem is used it can be pushed and pulled

now i dont know if its just me but wouldn't it make more sense to slope the body down slightly, sortta like a floyed is recessed in to the body, this way u wouldent mess up the intonation, and with a locking nut i thing the tuning would be pretty stable

like this
Or they could route and install a floating trem.
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I thought that when you float a basic F type trem that the intonation sweet spot was usually in the median of the trems travel distance somewhere. This would still apply to your design and not create any additional stability in and of itself. The last strat I had that was set up to "float" was impossible to keep in tuned and intonated until I put locking tuners on it. Then it would stay put under some pretty hard yanking and pushing. I generally dont like trems but that one was livable. I suppose thats why Khaler and Floyd went in the direction they did with their stuff.