Hey, I've been trying to use the Line 6 GuitarPort and Gearbox Software to get some nice tones out of my laptop so I can record. It has given me no prior problems....except for today. I turned on my laptop, hooked in the Guitar Port, launched Gearbox, started playing for a couple seconds, then.....nothing. Not even a hum or ugly feeedback. Gearbox just froze. The light on the Guitarport turned an odd yellower orange. Even when I unplugged my guitar. So I closed that window, unplugged Guitarport, waited...... plugged Guitarport back in, launched Gearbox again, jammed for a couple seconds. It froze, or stopped, or whatever it's doing. So that's why I'm here, WHAT IS MY GUITARPORT/GEARBOX DOING? Anyone have this happen to them before? I could really use some help here UG techies!