I'm having problems with fret buzz, I guess is what it's called. I'll be holding down the D string on the 2nd fret and it's dead, but the D string on the 3rd fret is fine. Please help. It's a Squier Strat.
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It's a Squier Strat.

found your problem

sounds like the fret wire has been worn down. don't think any amount of truss rod or action adjustment is gonna sort it but i may be wrong, maybe taking the action down a little MIGHT sort it but don't quote me on that... because i doubt it will to be honest.
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Or the third fret has lifted.
These are nasty fixes that will drive a future luthier nuts, but if you have no money or no fear...
If it has lifted, you can probably see it, but it might be barely noticable. A very small lift can cause trouble. I've tapped down frets that didn't look like anything was wrong and fixed a buzz. Dont hammer directly on the fret, put something like a socket extension on the fret and tap gently on that, one tap at a time. If you tap down the third fret and the problem moves up half a note you have to decide if its worth chasing it all the way to last fret! It might be easier to lift the second fret a bit. You can force a very thin knife or tiny screw driver under the side of the fret and pry it up. This is likely to cause a small amount of visible damage to the fret board. You decide if you can live with that. If that works, you should put a drop of crazy glue under the fret AFTER you get it where you want. Like I said at the start, don't expect the next guy to fix these repairs without hating you forever and charging a ton of money, more than enough to buy another squire!